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  • Go Family Fit is the absolute perfect way to get in shape without sacrificing family time. Whether you want to go it alone and have that "me" time or you want to bring the kids along, it is by far the best program to get in shape. The best part though...THE RESULTS. Feeling stronger and more fit is ultimately the best part of the entire experience. It's nice to feel good when putting on those jeans that were too snug not so long ago and now feel great. I LOVE GO FAMILY FIT!!!! .... Marie, Burlington, NJ

  • Joining Go Family Fit 4 months ago was one of the best thing I could have done for myself! The early morning workouts fit my schedule perfectly. If mornings aren't for you, there's always something to fit your schedule. Not only am I getting in the best shaped I've been in a while, I've met the most awesome group of people, who encourage each other every step or "lunge" of the way! Whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete, Go Family Fit is for you!! Thank you Lauren and Claire for making us your priority and for all you do! .... Nikki, Burlington, NJ